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Visit to Class 2
Date added: 31/01/2014

Visit to Class 2

January 2014

Louise Urry – Parent Governor

I am Class Governor to Class 2. On my last visit the children were in Nursery but now they have moved into Reception (Class 2). I will be their Class Governor throughout their time at Enderby Road.

I was greeted by the Class Ambassadors, Cassie and Jacob, who did a beautiful job of introducing themselves and their classroom.  The class register was then taken.  A short discussion about 2D and 3D shapes then took place with the class by Mrs Clark.  The children were very good at this and put up their hands to answer the questions they were asked.  The shapes were passed around for the children to examine.

The children then lined up for assembly and went into the hall.  Mrs Vaughan gave the assembly which was about ‘teamwork’ and she told a story about Four Musicians (they worked together as a team) which the children, and I, really enjoyed.

On our return to the classroom the Class Ambassador’s showed me around the classroom explaining to me what each area was used for eg construction, pretend baking with playdough, cutting and sticking etc.  They did a very good job of this.

The theme for Class 2’s ‘creative curriculum’ was light and dark, which lead onto nocturnal animals and then people who work in the night.  The topic they have started on now is the Fire Brigade and they were making fire engines from boxes and painting them bright red.

Mrs Clark showed me the Talking and Thinking floorbook.  This is a very large book with blank pages which is used on the floor, hence the name.  The pages had been filled with wonderful photos, pictures, writing and drawings (and even regurgitated pellets from an owl!) which the children had produced and gathered together on the topics they were covering.  They had done an excellent job of this.

The classroom looked very smart with the new resources, which were kindly donated  from the LDC.  The boys were also being very creative with the small construction sets which also came from the LDC.    

I enjoyed my visit to Class 2 and I will be visiting the children again very soon to see how they are getting on.

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