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  Class 2

   Reception children

Welcome to Class 2

Mrs Greenwood and Miss Maud are our class teachers this year, find out more about our class and our exciting plans for the next year on this page. 

Our theme this half term is ‘Ourselves’ and the children have been most interested in finding out about babies, so we are planning a visit from Miss Brunt and baby Luke and would like to put up lots of photos of the children when they were babies.

Every day the children have the opportunity to take part in activities led by an adult and activities that they choose to work and play in by themselves. They have a phonics lesson before lunch every day and after lunch we do a quick maths input as this is our focus this year.


After a successful, but tiring first half term we have returned for one of our most exciting half terms of the year. We are starting with a week of Halloween activities as many of the children want to carry on dressing up and talking about the event.  We have put out pumpkins and the children are finding things which are heavier and lighter than them. They are also going to be counting little butterbeans – made to look like ghosts into numbered cups, amongst other engaging activities. Next week we will move on to firework night as the children will have recently seen fireworks and so will want to share the experience with us, so look out for lots of firework pictures coming home.

We are planning to put some autumn items into a talking tub to find out what aspect of autumn the children are interested in learning more about.

During the latter half of the term we will of course be doing lots of Christmas activities. Starting with the story of the nativity so the children understand why we celebrate Christmas, and why we are spending time acting out the story of the first nativity. We will of course also be writing special letters to Father Christmas and are looking forward to planning activities for our Christmas craft day.

As maths is our focus this year we will be doing lots of Christmas maths, wrapping presents is great for understanding 3D shape.Putting the correct number of snowflakes onto the fluffy sky, putting numbers into ice cubes are just some ideas we are looking forward to putting into action.


As we return to school we are looking forward to a busy term ahead of us. This term our topic will be Fairy tales and we will be exploring different tales depending on the interests of the children. Some of the tales we will be looking at, include The Three Little Pigs, The Gingerbread man and The Three Billy Goats Gruff.

After filling our talking tub with different characters and stories the children had a vote and have already chosen the first tale we will look at, which will be The Gingerbread man. As we begin to look at the Gingerbread man, in maths we will look at measuring the ingredients to make our own gingerbread and also focus on ordinal numbers. As the weather starts to get warmer we will have lots of engaging activities outside such as looking at and building bridges using the large construction and different races for the children to see who can be as fast as the gingerbread man. We look forward to seeing where the children’s interests take them and finding out lots of interesting things about the different Fairy tales. As maths is our focus this year we will continue doing lots of maths activities linked to our topic.


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