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Ofsted visited us in May 2016, read a copy of the report here

Here are some fantastic quotes from the report!

"This is a caring and vibrant school. Personal, health, social and emotional education is exceptional, securely permeating all aspects of the school. Staff are keenly aware of pupils’ needs, abilities and backgrounds and do everything they can to nurture the welfare and development of each pupil. The school’s work to promote pupils’ personal development and welfare is outstanding."

"Relationships between pupils and staff are excellent. Pupils make good academic progress in all subjects. Their personal, social and emotional development excels as this runs through all of the school’s activities. The behaviour of pupils is outstanding. British values are integral to the school’s culture."

"Staff teach inspirational lessons that motivate pupils and learning is fun. A lively curriculum provides pupils with a broad and balanced range of skills in many subjects and this is a major strength of the school."

"In the Early Years parents praise the early years staff highly, explaining how well their children have settled into school. Children in the early years make good progress from their different starting points. Strong leadership and good teaching routines ensure that parents are pleased with the good rates of progress they see their children making."

"Pupils’ achievement in learning phonics (letters and the sounds that they represent) is outstanding and standards are consistently well above the national average."

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